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We work closely with our local florists to understand their flower needs and choose high-quality seeds to grow exquisite flowers and foliage sustainably. We produce our farm products organically to ensure florists can handle our products safely without exposure to pesticides and herbicides.

Your health is a priority in our growing practices 

Our locally grown flowers are also a cost-effective choice for our florists so they can create fabulous, fresh, seasonal arrangements with a wide range of design options. Unlike large international companies, our local products do not require travel and out-of-water conditions.

Small businesses collaboration makes uniqueness and quality accessible for all

Flowers have infinite potential. Whether you choose to embellish your corporate clients’ space with splendid buds, design large funeral sprays, offer lush beauty to your wedding clients or decorate your cocktail recipes with fresh edible petals and herbs, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

 Get the best of each season

We supply freshly cut flowers during the blooming season, trickling in from our greenhouse in February through November as we finish strong with a field of pumpkins and a greenhouse full of chrysanthemums. Late October through February, our soil rests and restores. It’s the opportunity to nurture and prepare the land to welcome new flowers next season. And the cycle reboots!

Check our seasonal garden to see what is likely to bloom each month.

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Fast and friendly delivery

We value one to one partnerships and believe in collaborations that last through the seasons and over the years.

Florist clients are always welcome to drop by the farm to collect or pick out flowers or we’ll happily deliver them to our surrounding areas in Clark County.

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Each year we diversify and add to our flower range

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