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Our 5 plus acre parcel is also home to our flock of chicks and emus. They are very much part of our family, so we raise them in large open spaces so they can free range and explore.

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Emu Facts

  • The emu is the second-largest living bird
  • Emus live for over 30 years
  • Emus are known for warding off unwanted predators

Our Emus lay eggs every 3 days, and it takes approximately 55-60 days to hatch. We turn these eggs by hand at least three times a day.

We start our waitlist for emu chicks in December when we get our first eggs of the season with our first chicks hatching 60 days later in mid February.

A retainer/deposit is required to guarantee your order. Pick up is available in order of waitlist and retainer/deposit to secure your spot. Hatching season goes from mid-February through early July.

Thinking of owning an emu?

Emu chicks are as cute as it gets and are lots of fun but they have specific needs to grow strong and healthy. Before adopting or breeding emus, please think of the following:

  • Emus are very large animals and require a minimum of 5,000 square feet of field space in adulthood. Make sure you possess adequate land and durable fencing (6ft or higher is recommended).
  • Emus require heat and stable footing. Bring a solid bottomed kennel for transportation with a non slip flooring surface. We recommend artificial carpet. We also do not encourage free water during transport to avoid lung aspiration.
  • We require all buyers to set up their brooder space, including food, before bringing their new baby home.
  • Emus prefers companionship so consider owning more than one bird long term. OBF emus are all siblings and would only be good as same sex companions and should never be bred to one another due to inbreeding and the poor health and deformities associated. Getting your new chick used to human contact before bonding with other emus allows a smoother relationship and  interaction with their human owners in our experience. Chicks also tend to be less flighty, fearful and prone to injury when they form a strong bond to their people first.

With these things in place, emu ownership can be very rewarding and enjoyable.

The Emu Farmers Handbook is fantastic for building your emu knowledge. Several Facebook groups like the Emu Owners Club also offer great information and community with fellow emu owners…. READ MORE

Reservations closed for 2023


Chicken Facts

  • Chickens are omnivores
  • On average, backyard hens live 5 to 8 years, sometimes longer
  • The best laying years are a hen’s first 2 years

Each year, we hatch  a different single variety to diversify our flock which includes BBS Wheaten Ameraucanas, Black Copper Marans, BBS Columbian Buff Orpingtons and BBS laced Wyandottes. We also take pride in donating hatching eggs and chicks in our local community to support the 4 -H clubs and assorted shows.

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