Here at Olive Branch Farm, we value our flower fields and the land our flock lives on. We appreciate the diversity of every season, thrilling as each one flourishes and takes us from seed to joy.

Olive Branch Farm is the evolution of our family’s love for the earth, its seasonal creations, and our role as its stewards to grow with intention, quality and put back into the ground more than we take. On the eastside of Vancouver, WA, our 5-acre farm supports our family and our community with sustainably raised flowers and flocks.

We believe adopting slower, more conscious farming leads to rewarding experiences. By tuning in to nature and the delicate balance of our soil, we produce flowers that blossom with the seasons. We also take under our wing the tiniest chick to the largest emus and give it all our care.

As a Master Gardener, owner Natalie happily shares her growing passion through volunteering, education, and charitable giving within her local community.

The Olive Branch is a symbol of peace, one we use as an invitation to you, our community, to share in the rewards of our farm. Be it a vase of local blooms on your wedding table or a flock of chicks and emus to grow in your backyard. We want to be part of your journey.



The outdoors is my happy place. When I’m not preparing flowers for my florists, or wedding clients, you’ll find me working the land, planning for the following year, and meticulously preparing the riches of the soil to supply our community with the best organic and sustainably grown product we can offer.

Gardening and farming colored my earliest childhood memories. I fondly look back on my childhood experiences in 4-H, raising my animals and taking them to fairs, which manifested into similar experiences for my own children. I’ve been gardening flowers, fruits, and vegetables my whole adult life, both for pleasure and the peacefulness it brings, while feeding my family wholesome, healthy offerings. Nothing brings more joy than a toddler buried waist-deep in a raspberry patch, gorging themselves on the fruits of your labor!

Where food nourished my family, the flowers tucked in our garden fed my soul. After becoming a Master Gardener in 2018, I began thinking beyond my small family to my greater local community and how to serve on a larger scale. My farm is a part of myself and the collective, which is why I feel committed to growing animals and plants ethically and sustainably.

As a lover of the earth and all things that grow, I invite you to connect, appreciate and share in the bounty from our farm.

Local farming for collective progress

Farming is primarily about sharing and caring. We stay true to these values as we cultivate our land and support our local community.
Every year, we donate eggs and chicks to support local 4-H clubs, a non-profit, community-driven organization that mentors and educates our youth on animals, crafts, farming, agriculture, and civic responsibility.

We believe in efforts that create a more supportive society and contribute to our community’s development, health, and happiness.
Our customers are a vital piece of our farm. Supporting ethical local agriculture is a way to receive the freshest, most organic, and intentionally grown product. But your purchase goes deeper than that. By shopping locally, you help to reduce shipping/packaging waste, which lowers the global carbon footprint while keeping your dollars local.

By keeping our production small and local, we offer a unique customer experience and contribute more globally to a fairer trade and eco-friendly future.



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